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If you manage an industrial facility, the sheer size of your operation has already demonstrated the importance of the efficient use of energy. The industrial sector alone accounts for about one-third of U.S. energy use.

Customized TVA technical assistance is available to industrial users of power to devise plant-wide, holistic approaches to energy savings. TVA helps customers maximize efficiency, control expenses and boost their bottom lines.

In addition, program participants may be eligible for financial incentives to implement energy-saving changes in their operations and plant.

When TVA's customers save energy, that lowers the amount TVA must spend on buying power to meet demand. Energy efficiency programs can save you money, and help TVA keep energy costs lower for consumers of power throughout the Tennessee Valley.

EnergyRight Solutions for Industry performance and remaining funding.
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Click here to choose a contractor from the Preferred Partners Network list, you gain peace of mind knowing that the work will done by a trained professional who has been pre-screened and selected based on TVA’s detailed membership requirements.


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