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in-home energy evaluation

Your local power company and TVA are making it easier than ever to become energy efficient while also saving money. With the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, you can reduce your power usage and receive a cash rebate and financing assistance (if applicable) for installing home energy improvements. The recommended improvements you make are eligible for a rebate of 50 percent of the installation cost, with an upper limit of $500, and convenient financing.


  • Call your local power company to schedule an in-home energy evaluation by a TVA-certified evaluator. Some power companies may charge an in-home evaluation fee. If the homeowner makes recommended eligible improvements costing $150 or more this fee will be reimbursed in addition to the rebate and financing (if applicable)
  • After your home is evaluated, a report is created outlining the potential energy-efficiency improvements and available cash rebates and financing (if applicable).
  • Improvements must be made by a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network, except for self-installed measures (as allowed by your local power company). The evaluator will provide the names of qualified contractors.
  • All home improvements must be completed within 90 days.
  • After the work is complete, you submit receipts for the completed work to be eligible for the cash rebate. For financing, your contractor will be paid directly upon successful completion of the inspection.
  • Once the work is finished, it will be inspected to ensure that everything is installed properly to maximize savings.
Get details on rebates, financing and eligible improvements.



Ever wondered where your energy dollar goes? The chart above shows an annual breakdown for an average, all-electric household in 2011. (Percentages will vary based on the local climate, the weatherization of your home and your energy use habits. GEP 2011 Potential Study).