Energy Calculator Wheel

Ad Number: CO-ER-08-06 CQB043C

The Energy-Calculator Wheel is an excellent resource to help customers calculate their homes energy efficiency. The calculator helps to determine the approximated annual energy consumption and cost for selected home appliances.

Using electric rates of 9¢, 10¢, 11¢, and 12¢ per kilowatt hour, these figures are based on average use by a family of four living in an 1800 residential dwelling in the TVA service area. Heating and cooling costs are based on a cool/moderate climate.

The tool contains two dials. The top dial features a compact fluorescent bulb and is approximately 5.5 in diameter, while the bottom dial is approximately 8.5 in diameter. The front of each dial is printed black, plus 1 other color. All printed surfaces are covered by a protective coating.

For more information and additional appliance options, the wheel directs users to energy right's online energy calculator.

Each package contains 25 units. Limit 200 units per order.


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