Indoor Agriculture

Optimize your crop yields and minimize your risks with indoor agriculture. We offer incentives to help you get started.

Don't fall victim to drought, scorching conditions or even early freezes typical of traditional farming. Instead, embrace environmentally controlled indoor agriculture. LEDs are now designed and programmed to achieve better yield than natural sunlight. Color spectrum can be selected to match the needs of specific crops, and lamps can be used around the clock to produce higher yields. Plus, evaporating water is trapped in the sealed farm and collected for reuse, tremendously reducing water consumption.

Various Facility Types

Typically, new production facilities are acquired by one of the following:

  • Purchase of an abandoned building, which is then retrofitted to serve as an indoor farm
  • Design and construction of a custom indoor farm
  • Purchase of a pod farm; these facilities are typically custom built within boxcars (pods), and owners buy the quantity of pods they desire to suit their production volume

Incentives Available

TVA’s EnergyRight® Solutions currently offers incentives for smart energy technologies that support indoor agriculture. Your facility may be qualified to receive a custom incentive up to $0.10 per kWh consumed.

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