Kitchen Equipment

If your business has a commercial kitchen, the EnergyRight Solutions for  Business + Industry program can help you identify energy solutions that are right for you.

These solutions may help lower operational costs by improving efficiencies, maintenance or product losses. We offer incentives to switch from gas by upgrading to qualified commercial electric equipment for food preparation, when applicable.

TVA is here to help with tips and guidelines for reducing energy use and costs around your workplace. We also provide recommendations and offer incentives to help cover the costs.

Our main tip: Choose ENERGY STAR-rated products when possible. They use 10 to 50 percent less energy and water than standard equipment. If ENERGY STAR-rated products aren’t available, look for the most energy-efficient option.

General Tips

  • Unplug or use power strips for electronics and small appliances, turning them off when not in use. Many devices still draw electricity even when the power is off.
  • Use ENERGY STAR power management functions on all devices that feature them.
  • Use coffeemakers with automatic shut-off functions.

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Keep at least 3 inches between the wall and the back of appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and water coolers for air to circulate.
  • Clean condenser coils on refrigeration equipment regularly.


  • In addition to ENERGY STAR certification, which ensures they use less energy whether on or off, look for computers that have default energy-saving modes.
  • Turn off computer monitors at the end of the day and when they won’t be used for 15 minutes or more. Screen savers don’t save energy.

Occupancy Sensors

These help reduce energy consumption when spaces aren’t occupied. Occupancy sensors can even be tied to power strips that control monitors, task lighting and other devices when they aren’t being used.

Vending Machines

ENERGY STAR refrigerated vending machines—new or rebuilt—are 50 percent more efficient than standard models, offering improved compressors, fan motors, lighting and low-power modes. Some offer energy savers that turn down lights and cooling until someone walks up.

Water Coolers

Standard water coolers can use more energy than a refrigerator. Look for ENERGY STAR-certified hot-and-cold coolers that offer better insulation and chilling, improved separation of hot and cold water and timer switches that can reduce power during unused periods.

Expert Advice Available

When you’re ready to move toward wise energy use, we have a trusted energy advisor standing by to help you realize your goals. Click here to connect with your personal EnergyRight Solutions representative.

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EnergyRight Incentives

Investing in emerging electric technologies can reduce your carbon footprint, increase productivity, enhance brand image and improve your bottom line. EnergyRight Solutions now offers incentives for efficiency and electrification measures. Click here to learn more about our incentives.

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