Standard Incentives

Standard Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria and funding availability. Incentives are available for certain energy smart measures that involve an upgrade or one-for-one replacement of an existing piece of equipment with a piece of equipment that takes smart energy use into account. Efforts have been made to include measures that are recognized nationally and that are accepted as good business practice. An application requesting a standard incentive may fall into several categories based on technology such as HVAC equipment, food service, refrigeration and miscellaneous. A list of all standard measures and minimum-efficiency requirements is available in incentive tables located in the technology document links below. Reach out to a Preferred Partners Network member to access a potential incentive to help offset the capital investment for your energy solutions project.

No pre-approval is needed for HVAC projects.

To Qualify for Standard Incentives

To qualify for eligible incentives, all projects must receive written approval before you purchase or install equipment. Projects may require pre- and post-installation inspection. Incentives are determined after pre-inspection and communicated in the Application Approval Notice. Do not start removal of existing equipment until after you have completed all pre-measurement requirements and you have received the Application Approval Notice.

  • All incentives are dependent on the approval of TVA and your local power company, as well as upon available funding.
  • For projects with incentive amounts greater than $100,000, TVA will work with you to determine an incentive offer that ensures consistent funding is available for all projects of all sizes.

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Custom Incentives

Custom Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria. With incentives, the program offers unbiased, reliable technical assistance and information to help identify custom facility and process electric savings opportunities.

Want More Information?

Want to know more details, or understand what to expect? Click here to learn more about how the incentive process works, and read our guidelines, terms and conditions.