Manufactured Homes

Energy Right Solutions' manufactured homes have one thing in common—an electric heat pump that saves you money.

Perfectly suited for the Tennessee Valley’s weather conditions, an electric heat pump can save you 50% or more on your heating costs. Heat pumps provide uniform heat throughout your home in the winter, and both cool and dehumidify your home in the summer. What could be better than maximum comfort and money to spare?

Affordable Heat and Air Conditioning

TVA works with heating and cooling equipment wholesalers to reduce the cost of heat pumps for homeowners. Manufactured home retailers in the Tennessee Valley that purchase heat pumps from a participating wholesaler can pass those savings on to you. Buying a heat pump reduces your monthly electricity costs for the long-term and saves you money right up front when you purchase your home. Ask your manufactured home retailer about TVA's Volume Heat Pump Program for Manufactured Homes.

Heat Pump Advantages

Skeptical about heat pumps? Consider the following if you’re accustomed to electric furnaces.

  • Instead of giving off sporadic hot blasts of air, heat pumps provide uniform heat throughout your home in the winter. They also cool and dehumidify your home in the summer.
  • Heat pumps are ingenious—offering heating and cooling capacity in one economical unit. During hot months, heat pumps remove hot air from your home, leaving behind cooled, dehumidified air. During winter months, the process is reversed, as heat pumps take heat from the outside air and compress it to increase the temperature and then pump it inside your home.
  • You’ll still keep your electric furnace as a backup. During extremely cold temperatures, your heat pump uses the electric furnace to help warm the air going into your home.
  • Properly maintained heat pumps last a long time—an average of 15 to 20 years.

When buying your home, tell your manufactured home retailer that you want the benefits of TVA's Volume Heat Pump Manufactured Home Program.