New Homes

One of the best ways to save money on a new home is to choose one that’s already energy efficient.

Since a home in the EnergyRight Solutions New Homes Plan controls heat loss and gain much better than other homes, you can look forward to year-round savings and comfort with consistent indoor air temperatures. You’ll spend less each month on energy bills, so you can have more to spend on other things that make life more comfortable.

Special Financing Options

The benefits of buying a home in the EnergyRight Solutions program just keep getting better. Homes that meet the program’s standards have many energy efficient features that offer you comfort and savings. In fact, your new home will be so efficient you can qualify for special financing options through the use of the industry-accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS) software.

What Matters Most

EnergyRight Solutions has identified 19 keys to optimal energy efficiency—and years of savings on your utility bill. These include areas to insulate (such as attic, ceilings, floors and ducts), and things to install (energy efficient windows, air sealing and heat pumps). Download our PDF to see all 19 keys and get a visual walkthrough of a truly energy efficient home.

Not buying new? You can use this information as a checklist to see how any older home stacks up when it comes to energy efficiency. That way you'll know where you'll want to make investments in a more efficient, comfortable and affordable future for you and your family.


Incentives may be available to builders, or to home buyers who act as their own builders. To find out more, contact your local power company to see if they participate in the EnergyRight Solutions New Homes Plan.